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  • MOC : M.S & S.S
  • Skin : Single & Double skin insulated with 25 & 43mm thick PUF Panel
  • Capacity : 500 CMH upto 100000 CMH
  • Pressure Range : 200 mm WG to 1200 mm WG
  • Filter : Cartridge Type Filters in polysters with antistaic properties
  • Air Tank : Compressed air tank of capacity 50 to 1000 cu.ft
  • Valves : Solenoid valves of size 1"NB to 2"NB
  • Timer : Digital sequential timer with 2 to 10 stations
  • Safety Measure : safety valve to release extra pressure in air tank
  • Prssure Gauge : Dial type pressure gauge from 0 to 20kg/cm^2

  • Industrial dust collector is a type of equipment that is used in factories, plants, warehouses, or other industrial settings as a type of air pollution control device and meets the environmental as well as safety requirements.

    Although there are several dust collector types, such as inertial separators, electrostatic precipitators, wet scrubbers, and unit collectors, we will classify the filters based on baghouse and cartridge dust collectors

    Baghouse dust collectors use long, cylindrical bags (or tubes) made of fabric to filter dust and particles. In many cases, the dirty air enters the baghouse. From there, the process air is drawn through the bags where the particulate is collected on the outside of the filter and clean air passes through the filte.