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Cyclone dust collectors are a type of inertial separator that make use of centrifugal, gravitational, and-or inertial forces that separate dust from the airstream. The dust and particle-laden air or gas enters the cylindrical chamber tangentially at one or more points and leaves through a central opening.

Cyclone dust collectors are also sometimes referred to as cyclone separators. They are primarily used to remove heavier density particles. The cyclone dust collector system uses centrifugal force to collect and direct dust towards the collection bin which is positioned at the bottom.

The cyclone separator is a device for separating solid particles from contaminated gas streams, and has long been used in industrial applications such as power generations, gas turbines, chemical processes and so forth

A cyclone is a centrifugal separator in which particles, due to their mass, are pushed to the outer edges as a result of centrifugal force. Incoming air is automatically forced to adopt a fast-revolving spiral movement - the so-called “double vortex

Cyclone dust collectors frequently serve as pre-filter systems which reduce the dust loading to downstream baghouse and cartridge dust collectors. A cyclone pre- cleaner can save wear and tear on the filters and cleaning systems, thus reducing the associated maintenance and servicing costs of the dust collectors.

Cyclones are most commonly used as prefilters to lighten dust loading on baghouses and cartridge collectors. They can also be used in areas with highly combustible dusts such as wood or biomass grinding options.

Each filtration option can be the right choice for a company, depending on products handled most frequently. Cyclone separators are more effective with large amounts of particulate matter in the air. These separators have the advantage on maintenance and operation costs, because they have no moving parts.