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  • Type of Airwasher : Double Skin Horizontal Mounted & Vertical Mounted
  • Sheet Used : Precoated ,Preplastised , precoated GI , Aluminium or SS
  • Panel Thickness : PUF Of thickness 25mm, 45mm & 60mm
  • Framework : Extruded hollow aluminium profile thermal & non-thermal break
  • Capacity : 1000 CFM upto 100000 CFM
  • Pressure Range : Start From 25 mm to 200 mm
  • Inside Provision For : Prefilter Section ,Celdec Pad , Water Spray Arrangement , FRP Water Tank Mist Eliminator, Fan section , Fine Filter Section
  • Celdec Pad : Used special corrugated hollow flute imported paper
  • Mist Eliminators : Corrosive resistant PVC mist eliminator for long run

  • Airwasher can be used for cooling (evaporative) or heating, increasing humidity, as well as filtering and cleaning the air in the environment. Air handling unit: It uses water cooled by the chiller to cool the air and water heated by the engine room boiler to heat the environment.

    In general, the types of air washers consist of two groups, domestic and industrial, which are designed and built in ceiling and standing models, each of the air washer models is briefly described below.

    Air washer Improves indoor air quality by removing fumes & odours . Evaporative cooling efficiency increases as temperature rises. Delivers 100% fresh, filtered, healthy Natural air. Submersible type water pump for continuous water supply.

    An Industrial air washer system is a hybrid appliance, a combination of an air purifier, a humidifier and 100% fresh air supplying Air cooler. Like conventional humidifiers, industrial air washers add therapeutic moisture to the air.